Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Dibble is as Dibble does

Well, it would appear that I am becoming, once more, a lazy and forgetful blogger, but this could(n't) be further from the truth!  Truth is, I've been pretty bored in SL, still.  I spend too much time simply being in SL doing nothing, when I could be in RL doing something like reading, or whatever.  I'm a very bad person.

However, I have found something else to do, now.  It may not be a lot, but it's something.

A quick scan back (I don't even remember) tells me that I haven't blogged about the Milk Wood Writers' Meet that I go to.  I don't know if I've even mentioned it yet.  If I haven't, then that's a great error, as it's the single thing I consistently go to, now.  Sure, I still try to go to the Sunday Social, the Trivia, the Poetry Open Mic at the Blue Angel, but I feel like I'm allowed to skip them for a week.  I don't feel like I can skip the Writers' Meet and, frankly, I have no desire to.

It's been going on for a few weeks now, and I think I've only missed two.  It's possible that I've turned up more than anyone else, although nitewanderer may have me beat there.  I am a True Regular, though, for all that's worth.

We congregate on Monday and Frida - 2pm SLT - around the Gypsy Caravan in Milk Wood, Scotland Inchcruin.  The next hour - or two - is devoted to writing.  

Now, apart from this thing, and only as long as I remember it, I don't do any writing anymore.  I used to do a lot of forum RP, but the days of regular activity for me are months and months in my past.  So, my writing ability is not good at the moment.  It makes me cry.  If I think about it, which I don't.  If I'm honest, I go to the meet to socialise a little, and be surrounded by writers; perhaps the company will spark the ability in me again.

So, because I acted like the natural host (despite Harriet setting up and running it), it was only natural that I take charge a little when Harriet was incapacitated.  I'm not going to bore you with the details, but the long and short of it is that Harrier made me a Milk Wood Officer.  This gave me powers to send the notices for the meet and also deal with any unruly folks that should happen along (which fortunately hasn't happened yet).

Harriet runs Milk Wood entirely out of her own pocket and, because it's such a good cause, I'm naturally willing and eager to help her in any way possible.

I noticed that she hadn't made a post on the group's blog about it yet, and she explained that it's so hard finding the time, so I offered to do it, with a little hint and a shrug and a flutter of my eyelashes.

That post is available to read:  Here.

Maybe if my blogging can be kept to an acceptable standard, she'll let me write some more :-)

Lukos up, up, and away!

p.s. If you don't get the reference in the title, Shame on You.

Friday, 10 April 2009

RAWWRRR! and rabbits

Well, it's Easter week.  And I'm bored.

I can't beat about that bush any, and I don't plan to.  I'm wondering just what the hell I'm doing in SL (Not a lot) and why I'm (not) bothering.  I feel sick already from eating white chocolate buttons, and I should just like to go to sleep for a week.

My tea mug is empty, I have a DVD on my TV that is stuck on the menu because I can't be bothered to play it or turn it off.  I'm listening to Anastacia, whose music I happen to find very inspiring at the same time as sad.  It makes you feel better, but only at the same time as reminding you that you're feeling sad for some reason.

She's a very powerful singer, and it's a pity that her music just isn't that "popular" anymore.  It's too nice in our world of death, doom and gloom.  Although, she has become more of an R'n'B songstress with her latest album, after a few songs with famous artists in that genre.  I think I'm unhappy that she has had to go in this direction really, but if that gets her money, I think she deserves it :)

I built a scale model of the Taepo-Dong.  That's the nuke cum satellite rocket that N. Korea epically failed launching the other day.  It went in the ocean.  Hawaii is safe for the moment.  Sure, mine doesn't go "PBBBFFFF FIRE RADIATION" but, it does launch, and go faster, and go faster, thanks to someone whose name I will have to look in my logs for.  They just gave me the script that did it, so I'm very grateful.  I think I might try to texture it and all, so it actually looks GOOD.  We'll see.  I think I'll probably build a different ICBM - Bigger, most likely.  The Taepo-Dong is actually quite small by comparisons at only 30 metres.  Some of the other ones are scary in size (I always get dizzy when looking up at tall, large structures).  Scary purpose, too.

I kind of resolved, again, to start building, again.  I used to be much better than I am now (More patient, probably), and it's a pity to lose skillz like that.  Maybe I can coax people into giving me mucho mulah for stuff!

In matters unrelated to Second Life, I have a mind to make some sort of application.  I know C well enough to read through most Open-Source applications that I use, but (like a language) being able to read is different to the ability to write it.  You really need to know it to form your own stuff.

I'll happily take any suggestions on what to make, if anyone who reads this would care to suggest any.  Winning suggestion gets a free copy on the system of their choice, lol.  Except Mac.  I just don't have a clue, there.  You have boot camp, anyway.  I know you do.


Attended Selene's Story Hour tonight, and I was the officially unofficial mascot.  I sat on Persephone's tip-box at the front of the stage (because she wasn't here today).  There was really a massive dent in attendance because no notices were sent out, and no-one was reminded of the reading.  Either that, or there's been some kind of nuclear attack on America ...


Nothing on bbc news, so I'll assume it's not true.  Unless it was us who launched them or something, and we're covering it up.  Who knows.

Yeah, really sad that there weren't many people, although it was still lovely.

RAWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRR.  Kay, gonna go sleep now.  It's 4:53am.  You should, too.

Nini, Lukos x

Monday, 30 March 2009

I'm a wild and (un)tamed thing

I decided to do something a little different for this blog.
I'm told that I usually write too much, so this will be my weekend in pictures.
It's a picture log - A Plog.

Bookstacks Trivia: Sci-Fi Theme, Awen

(Me - Frank - and Kghia who was, hilariously, an 'asian-inspired alien')

(Me, Kghia and Simeon with his Duck outfit (and more importantly, the ray gun!))

(I invited Huck and he put on a Dalek avatar!)

(Okay, guess which colour book is mine - Lol!)
(Everyone left after the quiz, before even the prizes! Me dancing alone...)

(I'm (not) going home ... As I'm already there)

Off The Shelf, Awen

INKsters Beach Party, Cookie

(Stosh Quartz and Sabreman Carter getting it on!)

(Power cone, given to me by the lovable DJ Jennywise)

Bookstacks Sunday Social, Dolphin Island

(It was a quiet one, and I was the only guy, but enjoyable as ever!)

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

That was th-tweeeeet

So, I got Twitter.  I'd been avoiding it for quite some time.  One of my friends reminded me that months ago - when it was still freshly popular - we had both held our noses aloft and mocked the fawning pigeons that had flocked to it.  Now, he begs me not to show him how funny @cwalken is, or to tell him about one of his favourite authors, @neilhimself.  He does not want to be tempted with something that we both know is very addictive.

I signed it up under my Second Life name, @lukostairov, but it's a hybrid Quasimodo, sharing the tweets between Lukos of SL and Lukos of FL.  I had, of course, intended it to be singularly for my SL 'persona'*, but there's only so many tweets one avatar can do ... And it's way too addictive to skimp.

I also follow Terry Pratchett(@terryandrob).  Added to the two above, those are the three famous people I follow.  Christopher Walken is really witty and humorous.  From his tweets, I have built a mental image that he is exactly like his character in Pulp Fiction (When he tells the son of his friend and comrade about the joys (and woes) of wearing a watch up your ass for 5 years) .  I actually feel really dirty for following Neil Gaiman, but he's such a twitter-addict, so it's all cool.
Oh, I also have Jacquelyn Mitchard(@broadway007) .  She was the first author on Oprah's book club.  She just started following me from nowhere.  I have no freaking idea why, because I don't recognise a single person from her follow list (If you don't count the famous people)...  I read her son is programming for Second Life, though.  And while I don't know how true that is, maybe it offers an answer.  Perhaps she (somehow) found me and considers me a representative of Second Life.  If so, I fear I could be giving us all a bad name!  But, at any rate, it's kinda cool that I'm the first human a bestselling author has followed on Twitter!  (I still wonder if she might've 'follow'ed me by accident...)

Some cool ones that I don't follow (I'm not sure why) but check are @nasakepler (Starts working in just over a month!) and @amandapalmer (One of my favourite musicians).

The other 13 are people I know, people I like, and people I find interesting.  These can be broken down into the people I find interesting; the people I like and find interesting; and the people I know, like, and find interesting.  Most are in the second category, but all that means is that they're too cool to be friends with lil' ol' me.

Here is a picture of the Fail Whale, a graphic that appears whenever the site is overloaded with tweets.
In the American evening, it happens quite a lot:

So, I cordially invite you to pick it up if you haven't already, but warn that it's possible you will 'get into' it.  You have a history of addiction, after all.

Lukos over and out, just as soon as he tweets about this.

*I say 'persona' because Lukos is pretty much me, but they have to be differentiated somehow.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Relay for Lukos

More than 20 years ago, one man took it upon himself to raise money to support the efforts of the American Cancer Society. Today, more than three million Americans participate in Relay events nationwide.
I pinched the above from the American Cancer Society's webpage.  It sums up what RFL is for pretty well.  The things I'm about to mention being in Second Life doesn't change that.

I know of it from being a member of Caledon (if not a grounded resident) since my earliest days in Second Life.  How that came about, I have no idea.  But last year (and I presume the one before), they made a big Caledon team and tried to raise a whole bunch of money through SL for the cause.  Same deal this year.  It is generally done by selling items made just for the occasion, charity balls, and so forth.

Being british, it isn't especially important to me, although anything for Cancer Research in general has to be worth the thought.

See, below, the items I bought from Euterpe Luik, an obviously talented creator to manage both a rapier and necklace! 

And here, the necklace.  It's a fine little thing, although you can't see it very well in this picture.

Anyways.  If you have some spare money, or you find an object you like that was made for the cause, don't be afraid to contribute.  It's all cool.

(Still) Lukos the Labrador.

(Worst blog ever)

Friday, 20 March 2009

Lukos the Labrador

An update for my dear commentors*

I think that I look very Victorian in the above picture.  The avatar looks that snooty without the dinner jacket, too.  Really.

It's just a crying shame that I seem to have a major animation problem (with an old AO still live despite having been deleted) that is unable to be fixed by me.  The options:  Get a Premium account and hope that it can be fixed by LL, or, live with it.

I'm not prepared to live with it, as I can't even be a tiny now, but I don't know about going Premium when that may not even solve anything.  All I know that it's impossible for me to fix.

Pretty sad at the above, and the small blog,

Lukos the Lab.

I realise I may've explained it badly, but it's not the Tiny avatar that is the problem, per se.  It's the fact that, if I turn off my AO, then my avatar doesn't revert to default.  It reverts to an ooold AO that has been deleted for quite some time.  And, the problem seems to be that, occasionally, when sitting or flying, the old AO will break through my current one.

I've found that I can actually operate this tiny without major incident now, so that part of my post is invalid, but it still remains that this rogue scripting AO thing that is happening to me is pretty durned annoying.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Comic Relief

Oh boy. What a weekend for us.
Comic Relief ended up raising £57,000,000 on Friday Night. That's a lot of pound coins.
I hear varying cries of outrage when it comes to this subject. Some people I know think that, with our country in the state that it's in, why is only 40% coming here? Shouldn't Africa, where the other 60% is going, be pretty unaffected by this economic downturn? It's not like it has a government or economy... Does it? Don't we send more, and more, money every two years? And what is there to show for it? Some schools that we haven't seen... etc.
And, the men! They should have their willies chopped off. One baby dies and the woman is already pregnant again, and we're supporting it!

The thoughts you've read above aren't my own thoughts, of course, although some bits I can't deny are true. We waste a third of our food in the UK, or something. Imagine how much the "civilised" world wastes. A New World Order doesn't sound so bad, you know...
Maybe we can share some food with the people who kind of need it.

Do something funny for money.
I did like that. I think it's quite a good cause, and a good theme.

I actually didn't get to see any Comic Relief shows on the tube, except for five minutes of the Kilimanjaro Celebrity climb, but I heard about a lot of it. For example, the Let's Dance thing.

Now, I hope I'm not being ignorant to assume that anyone reading this is not ignorant of the big thing that happened on Friday. If you don't know what happened on Friday, then it was a big charity thing. In fact, I'll show you one of my favourite comedians doing something.

I've liked Jo Brand for years. I used to catch her, late at night, on Hot Potato, and I'm always happy to see her wherever she is. She's just cool.

Here is her Britney Spears impersonation.

I actually (kind of) hate youtube, but that's only a superficial "If you were asked on the street" opinion. I will acknowledge it has its uses, and I use it for some things like finding new artists, and listening to a song I like but don't have at the moment. And, it's nice to be able to "take your music library" with you wherever you go... If it has the internet, and your songs aren't so niche as to be missing from something like youtube.
But, yes. She's a good sport, right?

Here's Robert Webb doing Flashdance, which won, and is funnier, and actually really quite impressive when you consider he's known for being a geeky comedian. It's pretty impressive aside from that fact, lol.

Well, I've already done one post that didn't have SL mentioned (Repo! The Genetic Blogera), and I don't intend to do it again. If this was a real-life commentary, I'm sure that no-one at all would check.

So, I knew it was going on in the real world, but I didn't have any idea that it was coming into Second Life. Salamander Maroon is a pretty funny woman. I mean, pretty damn funny. And she has that crazy woody woodpecker laugh that's just fantastic. I found out on Wednesday, at Predicate, that all her tips would be going to Comic Relief. She also showed us her mini-Comic Relief merchandise range (all proceeds to the charity, of course). She had organised a Comic Relief weekend, with all her performance tips going to the charity, and there was even a special Predicate in the honour. So, that was Comic Relief weekend, thanks to Jo Brand, and Salamander Maroon. Two very funny gals.

And now for some pictures:

(At the Drunken Money, as part of the Comic Relief weekend)

(When I finally got the Vendor to work - Looking Red.
Notice the larger woman in the background - made quite a
(humorous) noise about being too large for the stool.)
(Salamander Maroon - The One and Only)
(Lukos, the next night, at the Blue Angel.
Notice the red nose marilyn monroe pop art shirt.
Selene Freenote, expertly reading us the Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity.
It gets kinda disgusting at times. Those chinese...)
(After the weekend, in a new shirt.
The shopping addict.)

I'd also like to make a final mention regarding the Comic Relief event at the drunken money.
Elron Priestman actually gave up his regular spot so Sal could host her event, and when he came on (saying that his tips should also go to the fund), he was actually quite funny. He did joke a lot about the Queen, but it was funny. Even if you want to get out the club a little and show him some national pride ;) (It's his Queen, too; he's Canadian).

Drunken Monkey Pub, Mieto