Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Long time, no post...

Well, I'd like to say I've been so busy that I simply haven't been able to steal enough milliseconds to throw together blogs but the truth is, I've been a lazy ass. I took lots of pictures and, lest this blog die here and now, I shall delete them all and not share them, for it'd simply take too many days of work to convert them all to a more space conscious format and I'm not even going to mention the five minute upload per picture to the blog, and then a minute to drag them to the right place within the blog.

However, I shall review the snapshots now, and recount the stories behind them. Yeah, so it's not as fun as pictures, but tough. None of you reading this now read this anyway, so it's not like you can complain.

Did I tell anyone I decided to make a piano a while ago? I suppose not.. Anyways, I'll come back to that. Glen(c/g)arry. New Caledon sim. I was there. Oh yes, I was. And thus I learnt the secret of mapping a sim. Or at least, at the time, I thought I did, but I'm still doubting it - Anyways.

It pretty much consisted of me hovering above and occasionally walking on the bottom of, an empty simulator that wasn't even on the map yet, and following Desmond Shang around as he did his business... and then I left (I've since returned to see it decorated and it's a bit.. ugly. A bit too modern for Caledon, in my opinion).

Then... (You must recall I'm going by the date of these pictures, so I can't hope to be coherent) I decided to put a corgi onto my head, in silent protest/support of Zert's penguinhead (I really will try to get pictures of that, because you have to see it).

Ah yes, Piano. I decided I wanted to build a piano, and opted against a grand piano because it seems every other person with a big house has a grand piano and nobody has an upright. Peronsally, I prefer how the uprights look, so I decided to make one. At this point in time, my piano consisted of seven prims, and it was just blocked and coloured in nice shades of plywood. Just my template, really.

Then I caught Audrey as a half-kangaroo, half-australian (oxymoron, I know), changing in the river with her braaaaaaaaa on...

And then Audrey has a corgi on her head too (Above mentioned corgi was made by Audrey, I just put it on my head first).

Then there was a blitz.. No one knew What the hell I built so I came last, obviously.

Myria and Loris had rough sex on the grass with legs.

Ah, then I went on a shopping spree at Reaction - They had a sale, so, yknow, I did my first ever spot of 'shopping'. Got quite a bit of loot, hehe.

And then there was a party at Wyre, which I quickly forsook for the safety of my building platform.

And then me, Audrey and Wellington Beam were left lounging about in the Kuula pool area (up by the mall) when the rest of Kuula had been kicked out by ll so that was kinda cool, yknow. I thought it was enough to warrant a whole blog, at the time, but it turns out that only a handful of people got randomly kicked from throughout Second Life, so not so cool after all. I got to spend some alone time with Wellington, and well - You know what the welsh like doing with sheep.

And then there was a 'Things that Fly' newbie blitz on... friday night? Early hours saturday morning for me - It was thrown open so I jumped in, seeing as I was there at the time.

I built a little scene, of a broomstick (complete with black cat) flying in front of a moon, and sitting on it myself. I thought it was kinda cool, yknow, but again, some people didn't know what I'd done (How the k;greanb;ei5687598y7%^&$^$ don't you know what it's supposed to be?!! Americans... I digress), so I managed to get the last but one place, because the last one was someone who was actually new (Ranking in at 158 days myself to 5 of his). Okay, so my build was, yknow, bland, but it was a good idea. Mean bastards :(

I suppose, looking up, that this was more of an obsessive compulsive blog for me. I dare say I'd need to blog about this (if you can call that blogging) before I'd be allowed to carry on, so now that's out of the way.

Lukos out.

p.s. Hello to Corgi, someone who had commented on some of my blogs that I didn't know, and I thought was kinda cool, and I didn't even know people had commented.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

The calm before the... more calm

Well, as you may be able to guess from the title, I find myself having little to blog about lately. It's not that I'm not doing stuff in Second Life, because I sure am; it's simply that it's of no value at all to anyone who may or may not read this, and just keeps me happy. So, to summarise what has been happening, Lukos has been just contently chilling. :-)

Last night Audrey popped online and I poked and poked her (just once), until she accompanied me to the NCI Hair class. Now this is one of those classes that I've set the notifier for, or made a note of it, and each and every time it was scheduled, before now, I have missed it by some occurance - Be it sleep or just my forgetfullness (That probably has one too many L but can anyone really have too much L? Didn't think so).

I followed the first half of it just fine, which basically consisted of punching in numbers to create our hair lock, which we then used with a looprez to make a full head of hair. I'm not going to be unkind, but that's the main thing of the class - the looprez script. The rest of it is just customising that and adding flexi bits. That is the secret of hair. You use a script. Sorry for ruining it. :| (I'm partially kidding - There are some people who do it all by hand, and props to them - But you can see where a base is the key piece and it doesn't always look so great).

I froze about three quarters through and gave up but Auds managed to better mine, and it looked okay. Hers actually got finished, that is. Even if she needs to use her camera more to find the bits sticking out :)


Today, I had my first Talk with Grandma Bates, and she's really cool. You're the tiniest bit scared of her but then she's all funny and you're like.. wondering what you should or shouldn't say, but yes. Cool. She gave me an encryption script to look at and I will do that, soon. Sitting in a TUi (ssshhhh, don't tell anyone at NCI) classroom, waiting for a picnic table class in about fifteen minutes.

Lukos wants to build a kitchen now. (Oh, oh oh - I built a to-scale model of my room =] I measured all the bits and everything.. No, that's not sad. It's fun. Pictures may follow).

To summarise, Lukos will try to do more generally interesting things so you guy(s) have something better to read.

Lukos out.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Project Ferris Wheel - Part Two

  • Project Ferris Wheel
Aim: Build a working, albeit small, Ferris Wheel.
Resources: SL building tools, LSLwiki, my own mind, friends.
Action: Build Ferris Wheel. Script it to work properly.
Project Status: Suspended.

Well, it's 2:30pm GMT, right now, and I'm going to start writing this blog, which I will post before I go to sleep. Blogger autosaving is a really neat feature, as I always worry about losing everything to a system crash / firefox crash / internet crash - It's a wonder I do anything on the computer, what with my worry of losing it.

So, as you may have noticed in my last blog, I like to use 'So' a lot. I really shouldn't, but I digress.

So, I woke up, did some First Life stuff (hiss) and logged into my Second Life. Audrey was online, which is good. Being eleven hours ahead of me, in Australia (the land of kangarews and some pritty noice payple), when I wake up it is late evening / night for her, and when It is night for me, it is early morning for her. This means, I get her for a few hours when I wake up, and then around 20 minutes each night. Regardless of the small amount of time we spend together, I find her company to be quite enjoyable. It's nice to have someone who can take your insults as they are meant, in jest, and make a paltry effort to give some back (She's no good at being mean, or lying).

So, I went to her little Isle, a picture of which will be forthcoming in forthcoming blogs, no doubt - Don't feel like being a total image-freak this post, as it took soo long to upload them all. It probably took longer to upload and position the pictures than it did to write the bloody blog.
She was on her other plot of land, in that sim. Where she has her little place, it's double prim land. And that wasn't enough for audrey, oh no. She bought another plot in the middle of that land so she could have four times the amount of prims. So, I dropped outside her island house, and she wasn't there. I noticed someone around where her land was, but didn't think to check if it was her at first. So we IMed, made a camping joke, then I realised the dot was her, flew over, and dropped down into her plot.

She'd bought (or acquired) some cherry blossoms and was 'planting' them in this spare bit of land, which'd be a nice little location for a house or something if it wasn't on the side of a hill, as it does have one side open to the water. So, she had half-submerged a little platform and her cherry blossoms, and was in the middle of texturing a bench. At the time, the bench looked quite ugly. And I didn't hesitate to tell her that, because I'm an honest sort of person, mostly.
I can't actually remember much of what we talked about, but I had to go and do some morning first life stuff, put my chair up to z100. Came back in a bit, Audrey was dumbfounded on how I managed to rez with my ass still in the chair. So then, I explained to her the basic premise of what I like to call prim-surfing. Basically, sit on an object you have, or even a simple prim, and move the object. Very useful for navigating around a sim if you happen to know the co-ordinates of where you need to go, and fun in places where it's no-fly, etc.

Her bench was done, now.

I like that waist cincher more than is healthy.. Oh, yeah, nice bench, too.

We then spent about 10 minutes trying on and grimacing, laughing and just crying at some of the skins we had. So, after that, we talked some more (we like talking), and, I really have no idea how, but we ended up talking about Audrey's boat, or lack thereof. So she showed me that, I played with the script, said it could go and #### itself too (sidenote: Audrey thinks to censor swear words, the symbols need to be more rounded, so if you have no idea of what #### may mean then I substitute $%@! in its place).
'm only good at scripts I'm good at, and I happen to not be at that one..
So, we moved inside to chairs that are sittable now. We talked again, and then I moved to the a cushion, and found out my shape is really too big for Audrey's poses. And then when it was time for Audrey to poofle, I decided I'd go and get some food in me, and did that.

Not having been to Kuula in a while, that was my next stop. A few regulars were there, like Loris, Salaamata and Elie, and seeing as before I had teleported from Audrey's house to Kuula, I had been lying down on her bed, which had me trapepd in a very good pose that looked as if I had passed out onto the ground, or was just dead. So I positioned myself on the stage, upside down cone, stretched.. Lukos on a spear. I tried to show them my ferris wheel, as if by showing them they'd suddenly know the answers to my problem, and they hadn't when I had asked them first-off. Nothing would rez for me there, then had my first crash of the day.

Logged back in, a few welcome backs, said my farewells, and explained I wanted to go to my Home because that was a sim and as it seemed to be only mainland that was having the rezzing problems, I'd be fine to play about with it where I usually do. Elie asked I show her my wheel when it was done, and I said, I can show you now, so she said okay, so I said IM me in a minute or so, and then I teleported, and she IMed me, and I rezzed a chair for her, teleported her, remarked how cute that bunny tiny is, and rezzed the base.

As you may have seen in my last blog, the two extra pieces of the ferris wheel have a natural rotation to them, for them to appear as I intend, and this needs to be reflected in the script I wrote to rez the objects around the base (I'm not re-aligning everything each time I want to rez it) - Elie was trying to help me. She looked through her scripts, of which she is a collector, for something with rotation in. When asked why she didn't know what the script actually did, in relation to having it, she just replied;

Elie Giulia: haha I have to... i cant script my way out of a paper bag

So, then I got the unrezzed ferris wheel objects back from Kuula, thanks to Loris returning them (turns out they had rezzed about 10 minutes after I left), and Elie took her leave. I went about my first life again and filled up my teacup, made some toast (which I shoulda had about 4 hours before), and when I came back, Elie had IMed me, and had sent me a script. She was quite excited, because she'd found how to fix it. I added the changes, and voila. It rotated. I had to change which axis it rotated on, but doomsday averted. Thank you Elie.

So, now that I can get them to rez properly.. Time to tackle the bigger problem. Scripting the carriages (seats) to move in time with the actual wheel, and the reason I can't link them to the actual wheel is because the seats would go upside down with it! Now, that works for those rides where you have seatbelts and whatnot, but not here. And not on a traditional ferris wheel, for sure. Yeah, it'd be funny, but I want it to work properly, kay?


4:43PM now, and after playing with the ferris wheel for a while, I think I've decided to ditch it, and try something else. My initial thought is a steamboat, although of course this doesn't mean the ferris wheel will be ditched forever.. Just that I find myself unable to build it as I'd like to. Maybe Linden will be kind enough to change the physics to resemble the real ones more closely, and I can get somewhere. For now, Boat!

To conclude, Thanks again to Marcus, for resolving to help me, to Elie, for finding the answer first, and to Audrey, who has now inspired me to make a boat.

Lukos out.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Project Ferris Wheel - Part One

  • Project Ferris Wheel

Aim: Build a working, albeit small, Ferris Wheel.
Resources: SL building tools, LSLwiki, my own mind, friends.
Action: Build Ferris Wheel. Script it to work properly.
Project Status: In Progress.

First, I would like to share a quote with you, from the conversation held parallel to the scripting of aforementioned wheel:

Lukos Tairov: This ferris wheel can go and ####### #### itself with a ############# ### ####.
Marcus Tairov: Sir.
Marcus Tairov: You are attempting one of the most difficult engineering feats for SL.
I am inclined to agree with him, and if you do not, a) you are Mech
a Dinosaur, or someone, or b) have never tried to build a working Ferris Wheel.

So, back to the blog. I started off this morning with talking to my dear Auds. We were talking for quite a while, actually. Being in Australia, she's going to bed when I'm waking up, and vice versa. However, we had a nice chat. Her friend, Sarinah, came over, and yeah. We were talking. This is after I criticized Audrey's very nicely made, prim-heavy rocking chairs (That you can't even sit on properly). So, instead, she rezzed a box with alpha transparency and visibility on the corners. A one prim chair base, really. So we all sat on those instead. I insisted she consider poseballs, but she has a certain idol she'd rather not know she had to use them, as certain idol does not, and yada yada.

Then, more talk involving babies, sunday lunch, and gentrophilia, I asked Audrey about her Genie Lamp and her Cinderella carriage, and how old she had been when she made them. Being the sort of fellow I am, I find myself worrying I've been here almost a month now (ignore my rezdate), and haven't made anything .. marvellous, as those two things are. Yes Audrey, I really think they're good.

So, this lead to me poking her for a project. I find I have to do this a lot, as I'm quite bad at finding ideas I like, so she suggested "Carnival". I didn't immediatly shy away from this, as I usually do from ideas, because.. I kinda wanted to do it. Audrey went offline, I flitted back to my ctrl+shift+H, sat in a Comfy chair and got to work outside on the sky platform.

Firstly, I made the center prim.

a nice picture of me looking up at the tip..

And then, I had the "spokes" to worry about. So, I did a little research, and came up with a very nice design - a lot of very nice ones, and I decided to forget ab
out the textures for now. That could come after I've made the damn thing, so I opened up my copy of Tokoroten, and made myself a nice star-shaped sculptie which I'm quite proud of.

another nice picture of me looking up..

Then, I made a center strut, duplicated the spokes, hereonout they'll be called wheels, positioned them either side of the center prim, tada. Ferris wheel! Right? Well, I thought so.. I picked up my stuff, ready to go to a tui class, full, came back, re-rezzed my stuff and got to working again. I made some cylinders, put them in between the wheels (y'know, for the carri
ages to hang from), and using my brilliant scripting skills (llTargetOmega - arguably the first learnt and easiest function/event (can never remember which is which..), got it to rotate! And it was then that I realised the big flaw in my design.. Ferris Wheels can't work like that...

Yeah... This isn't the original, as I accidentally deleted all my copies except the original rezzed in front of me, but you should see what problem I faced with the rotating..

Obviously, this prompted a swift redesign; I googled again, and found out how a proper ferris wheel is supposed to be made. Instead of a center strut inside, I need two - Outside. And thus, the new center of my Ferris wheel was rezzed into the world:

And I modified the center strut and wheels to accomodate the change and it ended up something like so:

Sexy, no?

Then, I made seats bla bla bla physical wouldn't work bla bla bla clumps of hair on floor bla bla bla..

So, yup yup.. I went to see a nice Jagermeister (I can't do the alt codes for the dots), as he had a ferris wheel built upon his sim by someone, and he gave me a follower script which may work for the seats (So they don't go upside down each time..) and a neat ride in his neat airship, which worked on that script.

Then I came back and, knowing all along I couldn't link it all to rez it at ease, I'd need to use llRezObject. I thought this'd be the least of my worries. Right now, it is the main worry. I added the xyz of the objects to the main script easily enough, which i put in the center prim/support bar thing, and this is what they rez like:

Not quite in working order, shall we say..

The problem is the rotation. The two objects (the seats and the wheels - both a set unto themselves) have a natural rotation on them, for some reason, so until I figure out quarterninions, or I find help, I'm stuck.

However, despite all the hardships, I've been enjoying it (for the most part) - I've yet to find something that has really held me as a project, and this has, so I'm very happy.

Thank you to Audrey, Marcus, and Mavromichali for all your help.

Lukos out.

Sunday, 3 February 2008


Well, yesterday was kinda long. Y'know, really quite long, and I honestly can't claim to remember it all. I had the thought that I could sleep and still recall everything, but it turns out I was wrong, so.. I'll just try to write what I can remember. Due to this, expect this blog to be badly written and rubbish.

Well, yesterday was the day of Lady Amber Pal..(owzky?)'s Imbolc festival, which is basically a pagan festival. All about celebrating the fact that Spring is on its way. Probably at one point this may have involved animal sacrifices, but druids today tend to harshly decry any animal cruelty, so the sheep that was present remained whole and alive (insofar as being made of 19 prims goes).

Now, I went to the Early Birds one, which was.. I believe around 2PM SLT, although it may well have been a lot earlier, but not much later. Well, this involved dancing and company listening to a very nice stream called Pagan Pentagram, and the place was very nicely done.

So, I can't remember how I ended up going there, but I was there.. And it wasn't too bad, y'know. I like to think of myself as a fairly .. "interesting" welsh fellow, so I obviously enjoy all that new age celtic-y stuff (Even though I don't have a single song like it on my playlist), so yeah. I can't remember if I danced with anyone.. I think I may have, but probably not.

Well, after that, I err, can't remember. But then I got talking on the Independant State of Caledon group chat (ISC) and talked more to a Mr. Marcus Tairov, who is the only other person I have seen to share my Second Life surname. He's a nice enough fellow. He very kindly deposited me at his building platform (although that was an accident), and then he showed me his house and his very nice Zeppelin, and I went though the two doors but couldn't find a bed behind curtains..
And then I jumped off his zeppelin and hit the ground, quite enthusiastically, and though it hurt a bit, I could walk, so I was fine. I believe this was after threatening to shoot Bob the Lion, Mr. Tairov's friend, with a sumo gun (if anyone has land they don't mind me potentially obliterating, please let me know - Very curious as to what that gun does, as I was told it's pretty messy).

Then we went to get some free (I was told it was free, 5 cents!) psychiatric help. I'm obsessed with obsession, and to fix this, I need to choose my obsessions better. Solved. I gave her all of double and some of what she was asking, because I thought this was very good advice. And then I gave the other two psychiatric ladies 1 cent each because I felt like it.

Then I'm sure I did something in the interrim and went back to the Night Owls Imbolc. Basically, the same as the morning, but with more people.

Now, at the time, I had taken dozens of pictures, but due to me forgetting how to work the snapshot feature (although I believed it was quite functional at the time), I only have one picture to show for it, which I will present now.

And that's kinda it.. Ish. On the whole, not terrible.

Lukos out.