Thursday, 21 February 2008

The calm before the... more calm

Well, as you may be able to guess from the title, I find myself having little to blog about lately. It's not that I'm not doing stuff in Second Life, because I sure am; it's simply that it's of no value at all to anyone who may or may not read this, and just keeps me happy. So, to summarise what has been happening, Lukos has been just contently chilling. :-)

Last night Audrey popped online and I poked and poked her (just once), until she accompanied me to the NCI Hair class. Now this is one of those classes that I've set the notifier for, or made a note of it, and each and every time it was scheduled, before now, I have missed it by some occurance - Be it sleep or just my forgetfullness (That probably has one too many L but can anyone really have too much L? Didn't think so).

I followed the first half of it just fine, which basically consisted of punching in numbers to create our hair lock, which we then used with a looprez to make a full head of hair. I'm not going to be unkind, but that's the main thing of the class - the looprez script. The rest of it is just customising that and adding flexi bits. That is the secret of hair. You use a script. Sorry for ruining it. :| (I'm partially kidding - There are some people who do it all by hand, and props to them - But you can see where a base is the key piece and it doesn't always look so great).

I froze about three quarters through and gave up but Auds managed to better mine, and it looked okay. Hers actually got finished, that is. Even if she needs to use her camera more to find the bits sticking out :)


Today, I had my first Talk with Grandma Bates, and she's really cool. You're the tiniest bit scared of her but then she's all funny and you're like.. wondering what you should or shouldn't say, but yes. Cool. She gave me an encryption script to look at and I will do that, soon. Sitting in a TUi (ssshhhh, don't tell anyone at NCI) classroom, waiting for a picnic table class in about fifteen minutes.

Lukos wants to build a kitchen now. (Oh, oh oh - I built a to-scale model of my room =] I measured all the bits and everything.. No, that's not sad. It's fun. Pictures may follow).

To summarise, Lukos will try to do more generally interesting things so you guy(s) have something better to read.

Lukos out.


  1. A Kitchen? You, Grandma Bates and your kitchens... why a kitchen. Surely a cake, some cheese and some fruit on a side table will do? No dishes. No stove!
    You can put it under the ramp if you want!

  2. I never thought about using LoopRez for hair! Thanks for the tip. :D

    Tanarian Davies

  3. come on... come on... more bloggin...