Sunday, 3 February 2008


Well, yesterday was kinda long. Y'know, really quite long, and I honestly can't claim to remember it all. I had the thought that I could sleep and still recall everything, but it turns out I was wrong, so.. I'll just try to write what I can remember. Due to this, expect this blog to be badly written and rubbish.

Well, yesterday was the day of Lady Amber Pal..(owzky?)'s Imbolc festival, which is basically a pagan festival. All about celebrating the fact that Spring is on its way. Probably at one point this may have involved animal sacrifices, but druids today tend to harshly decry any animal cruelty, so the sheep that was present remained whole and alive (insofar as being made of 19 prims goes).

Now, I went to the Early Birds one, which was.. I believe around 2PM SLT, although it may well have been a lot earlier, but not much later. Well, this involved dancing and company listening to a very nice stream called Pagan Pentagram, and the place was very nicely done.

So, I can't remember how I ended up going there, but I was there.. And it wasn't too bad, y'know. I like to think of myself as a fairly .. "interesting" welsh fellow, so I obviously enjoy all that new age celtic-y stuff (Even though I don't have a single song like it on my playlist), so yeah. I can't remember if I danced with anyone.. I think I may have, but probably not.

Well, after that, I err, can't remember. But then I got talking on the Independant State of Caledon group chat (ISC) and talked more to a Mr. Marcus Tairov, who is the only other person I have seen to share my Second Life surname. He's a nice enough fellow. He very kindly deposited me at his building platform (although that was an accident), and then he showed me his house and his very nice Zeppelin, and I went though the two doors but couldn't find a bed behind curtains..
And then I jumped off his zeppelin and hit the ground, quite enthusiastically, and though it hurt a bit, I could walk, so I was fine. I believe this was after threatening to shoot Bob the Lion, Mr. Tairov's friend, with a sumo gun (if anyone has land they don't mind me potentially obliterating, please let me know - Very curious as to what that gun does, as I was told it's pretty messy).

Then we went to get some free (I was told it was free, 5 cents!) psychiatric help. I'm obsessed with obsession, and to fix this, I need to choose my obsessions better. Solved. I gave her all of double and some of what she was asking, because I thought this was very good advice. And then I gave the other two psychiatric ladies 1 cent each because I felt like it.

Then I'm sure I did something in the interrim and went back to the Night Owls Imbolc. Basically, the same as the morning, but with more people.

Now, at the time, I had taken dozens of pictures, but due to me forgetting how to work the snapshot feature (although I believed it was quite functional at the time), I only have one picture to show for it, which I will present now.

And that's kinda it.. Ish. On the whole, not terrible.

Lukos out.

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