Monday, 11 February 2008

Project Ferris Wheel - Part Two

  • Project Ferris Wheel
Aim: Build a working, albeit small, Ferris Wheel.
Resources: SL building tools, LSLwiki, my own mind, friends.
Action: Build Ferris Wheel. Script it to work properly.
Project Status: Suspended.

Well, it's 2:30pm GMT, right now, and I'm going to start writing this blog, which I will post before I go to sleep. Blogger autosaving is a really neat feature, as I always worry about losing everything to a system crash / firefox crash / internet crash - It's a wonder I do anything on the computer, what with my worry of losing it.

So, as you may have noticed in my last blog, I like to use 'So' a lot. I really shouldn't, but I digress.

So, I woke up, did some First Life stuff (hiss) and logged into my Second Life. Audrey was online, which is good. Being eleven hours ahead of me, in Australia (the land of kangarews and some pritty noice payple), when I wake up it is late evening / night for her, and when It is night for me, it is early morning for her. This means, I get her for a few hours when I wake up, and then around 20 minutes each night. Regardless of the small amount of time we spend together, I find her company to be quite enjoyable. It's nice to have someone who can take your insults as they are meant, in jest, and make a paltry effort to give some back (She's no good at being mean, or lying).

So, I went to her little Isle, a picture of which will be forthcoming in forthcoming blogs, no doubt - Don't feel like being a total image-freak this post, as it took soo long to upload them all. It probably took longer to upload and position the pictures than it did to write the bloody blog.
She was on her other plot of land, in that sim. Where she has her little place, it's double prim land. And that wasn't enough for audrey, oh no. She bought another plot in the middle of that land so she could have four times the amount of prims. So, I dropped outside her island house, and she wasn't there. I noticed someone around where her land was, but didn't think to check if it was her at first. So we IMed, made a camping joke, then I realised the dot was her, flew over, and dropped down into her plot.

She'd bought (or acquired) some cherry blossoms and was 'planting' them in this spare bit of land, which'd be a nice little location for a house or something if it wasn't on the side of a hill, as it does have one side open to the water. So, she had half-submerged a little platform and her cherry blossoms, and was in the middle of texturing a bench. At the time, the bench looked quite ugly. And I didn't hesitate to tell her that, because I'm an honest sort of person, mostly.
I can't actually remember much of what we talked about, but I had to go and do some morning first life stuff, put my chair up to z100. Came back in a bit, Audrey was dumbfounded on how I managed to rez with my ass still in the chair. So then, I explained to her the basic premise of what I like to call prim-surfing. Basically, sit on an object you have, or even a simple prim, and move the object. Very useful for navigating around a sim if you happen to know the co-ordinates of where you need to go, and fun in places where it's no-fly, etc.

Her bench was done, now.

I like that waist cincher more than is healthy.. Oh, yeah, nice bench, too.

We then spent about 10 minutes trying on and grimacing, laughing and just crying at some of the skins we had. So, after that, we talked some more (we like talking), and, I really have no idea how, but we ended up talking about Audrey's boat, or lack thereof. So she showed me that, I played with the script, said it could go and #### itself too (sidenote: Audrey thinks to censor swear words, the symbols need to be more rounded, so if you have no idea of what #### may mean then I substitute $%@! in its place).
'm only good at scripts I'm good at, and I happen to not be at that one..
So, we moved inside to chairs that are sittable now. We talked again, and then I moved to the a cushion, and found out my shape is really too big for Audrey's poses. And then when it was time for Audrey to poofle, I decided I'd go and get some food in me, and did that.

Not having been to Kuula in a while, that was my next stop. A few regulars were there, like Loris, Salaamata and Elie, and seeing as before I had teleported from Audrey's house to Kuula, I had been lying down on her bed, which had me trapepd in a very good pose that looked as if I had passed out onto the ground, or was just dead. So I positioned myself on the stage, upside down cone, stretched.. Lukos on a spear. I tried to show them my ferris wheel, as if by showing them they'd suddenly know the answers to my problem, and they hadn't when I had asked them first-off. Nothing would rez for me there, then had my first crash of the day.

Logged back in, a few welcome backs, said my farewells, and explained I wanted to go to my Home because that was a sim and as it seemed to be only mainland that was having the rezzing problems, I'd be fine to play about with it where I usually do. Elie asked I show her my wheel when it was done, and I said, I can show you now, so she said okay, so I said IM me in a minute or so, and then I teleported, and she IMed me, and I rezzed a chair for her, teleported her, remarked how cute that bunny tiny is, and rezzed the base.

As you may have seen in my last blog, the two extra pieces of the ferris wheel have a natural rotation to them, for them to appear as I intend, and this needs to be reflected in the script I wrote to rez the objects around the base (I'm not re-aligning everything each time I want to rez it) - Elie was trying to help me. She looked through her scripts, of which she is a collector, for something with rotation in. When asked why she didn't know what the script actually did, in relation to having it, she just replied;

Elie Giulia: haha I have to... i cant script my way out of a paper bag

So, then I got the unrezzed ferris wheel objects back from Kuula, thanks to Loris returning them (turns out they had rezzed about 10 minutes after I left), and Elie took her leave. I went about my first life again and filled up my teacup, made some toast (which I shoulda had about 4 hours before), and when I came back, Elie had IMed me, and had sent me a script. She was quite excited, because she'd found how to fix it. I added the changes, and voila. It rotated. I had to change which axis it rotated on, but doomsday averted. Thank you Elie.

So, now that I can get them to rez properly.. Time to tackle the bigger problem. Scripting the carriages (seats) to move in time with the actual wheel, and the reason I can't link them to the actual wheel is because the seats would go upside down with it! Now, that works for those rides where you have seatbelts and whatnot, but not here. And not on a traditional ferris wheel, for sure. Yeah, it'd be funny, but I want it to work properly, kay?


4:43PM now, and after playing with the ferris wheel for a while, I think I've decided to ditch it, and try something else. My initial thought is a steamboat, although of course this doesn't mean the ferris wheel will be ditched forever.. Just that I find myself unable to build it as I'd like to. Maybe Linden will be kind enough to change the physics to resemble the real ones more closely, and I can get somewhere. For now, Boat!

To conclude, Thanks again to Marcus, for resolving to help me, to Elie, for finding the answer first, and to Audrey, who has now inspired me to make a boat.

Lukos out.

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