Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Long time, no post...

Well, I'd like to say I've been so busy that I simply haven't been able to steal enough milliseconds to throw together blogs but the truth is, I've been a lazy ass. I took lots of pictures and, lest this blog die here and now, I shall delete them all and not share them, for it'd simply take too many days of work to convert them all to a more space conscious format and I'm not even going to mention the five minute upload per picture to the blog, and then a minute to drag them to the right place within the blog.

However, I shall review the snapshots now, and recount the stories behind them. Yeah, so it's not as fun as pictures, but tough. None of you reading this now read this anyway, so it's not like you can complain.

Did I tell anyone I decided to make a piano a while ago? I suppose not.. Anyways, I'll come back to that. Glen(c/g)arry. New Caledon sim. I was there. Oh yes, I was. And thus I learnt the secret of mapping a sim. Or at least, at the time, I thought I did, but I'm still doubting it - Anyways.

It pretty much consisted of me hovering above and occasionally walking on the bottom of, an empty simulator that wasn't even on the map yet, and following Desmond Shang around as he did his business... and then I left (I've since returned to see it decorated and it's a bit.. ugly. A bit too modern for Caledon, in my opinion).

Then... (You must recall I'm going by the date of these pictures, so I can't hope to be coherent) I decided to put a corgi onto my head, in silent protest/support of Zert's penguinhead (I really will try to get pictures of that, because you have to see it).

Ah yes, Piano. I decided I wanted to build a piano, and opted against a grand piano because it seems every other person with a big house has a grand piano and nobody has an upright. Peronsally, I prefer how the uprights look, so I decided to make one. At this point in time, my piano consisted of seven prims, and it was just blocked and coloured in nice shades of plywood. Just my template, really.

Then I caught Audrey as a half-kangaroo, half-australian (oxymoron, I know), changing in the river with her braaaaaaaaa on...

And then Audrey has a corgi on her head too (Above mentioned corgi was made by Audrey, I just put it on my head first).

Then there was a blitz.. No one knew What the hell I built so I came last, obviously.

Myria and Loris had rough sex on the grass with legs.

Ah, then I went on a shopping spree at Reaction - They had a sale, so, yknow, I did my first ever spot of 'shopping'. Got quite a bit of loot, hehe.

And then there was a party at Wyre, which I quickly forsook for the safety of my building platform.

And then me, Audrey and Wellington Beam were left lounging about in the Kuula pool area (up by the mall) when the rest of Kuula had been kicked out by ll so that was kinda cool, yknow. I thought it was enough to warrant a whole blog, at the time, but it turns out that only a handful of people got randomly kicked from throughout Second Life, so not so cool after all. I got to spend some alone time with Wellington, and well - You know what the welsh like doing with sheep.

And then there was a 'Things that Fly' newbie blitz on... friday night? Early hours saturday morning for me - It was thrown open so I jumped in, seeing as I was there at the time.

I built a little scene, of a broomstick (complete with black cat) flying in front of a moon, and sitting on it myself. I thought it was kinda cool, yknow, but again, some people didn't know what I'd done (How the k;greanb;ei5687598y7%^&$^$ don't you know what it's supposed to be?!! Americans... I digress), so I managed to get the last but one place, because the last one was someone who was actually new (Ranking in at 158 days myself to 5 of his). Okay, so my build was, yknow, bland, but it was a good idea. Mean bastards :(

I suppose, looking up, that this was more of an obsessive compulsive blog for me. I dare say I'd need to blog about this (if you can call that blogging) before I'd be allowed to carry on, so now that's out of the way.

Lukos out.

p.s. Hello to Corgi, someone who had commented on some of my blogs that I didn't know, and I thought was kinda cool, and I didn't even know people had commented.


  1. At last! 30 visits to see if you had written anything new has paid off.
    Winnifred is a masterpiece and the broomstick was original and good. The voters were not "qualified"

  2. [waves back]

    Wait, corgis on heads???