Friday, 6 February 2009

New York

New York...  New York.  Who has an interest me, and is currently in New York?  If you're reading this, and you surely know who you are, feel free to IM me and tell me, because it's practically driving me out of my mind not knowing.

Well.  This is my first "blog" since my return to Second Life.  I can see the masses of people who regularly read my blog jumping around in glee.  I can positively see it.

My main activities in-world are word-related now.  I always enjoyed the odd event with Bookstacks before I left, but I've somewhat dedicated myself to it now.  I find myself wanting more stuff organised, and run, without having to supply the ideas (The whole "Don't criticise if you don't know how to improve" thing is totally ridiculous - I point out other failings, I don't see it as my duty to fix them) and waiting for the ones that are available.

I actually won the Trivia last Saturday.  It is often really hard, and it's simply a matter of who can google the fastest, so before now I hadn't actually taken part, refusing to google the answers myself.  But, last Saturday, I thought I'd make up for all the times I didn't win because I didn't google.  I think I got like..  14 questions right out of 31, and there were at least five others there.  I believe the closest score to me was 45.  I was hoping to run off the top of the board, but sadly, I didn't.  Got me 250 lindens, which was cool (although 5 had to go in the potty mouth jar).

I also made a few new friends, but one Special Friend.  I shan't mention her name, like I have a certain other friend, because she's probably too shy.  That's my reason and I'm standing by it.

Started building a teacup last weekend, to live in.  It was large, but not large enough.  Perhaps I will return to it when I can get some decent megaprims, and feel the urge to.  Then, I started making a nuclear bomb.  A fat boy.  The intention was to drop it and it'd go "BHMMMM" and then it'd go white and then fiery and be very pretty and stuff.  I built a nice shell, I got it to go "BHMMM", and even drop from a height and stop on impact, but the whole white flash (which is a very important piece) has bested me (for now), so I gave up on that also.

After that, I started making a vardo.  I made very good ground on it, but it wasn't until I'd plotted everything out that I realised the vardo I was building didn't look too much like other vardos, and while uniqueness is something to be encouraged, it made my build a magnitude harder, so that has also been dropped, for now.

This shouldn't surprise any of my regulars.  Throughout my S.L. life, I have completed one object, and that was with the help of another.  But it did end up pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

Definitely need a building project to keep me occupied, although between reading a book (and two others) based in and around the Metaverse (That means Second Life) and my other books, and my "social" book events, and work, I don't know if I have the time!  Being bored is very time-consuming.

So, open to any and all building ideas.

How are you?

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  1. Blinks in complete... utter... astonishment. You discovered your blog again! There I was thinking I was the only person in the whole universe who dropped by here ...
    Keep it up buddy. Dont add this to the pile of unattended beginnings. By the way, Winnifred says hi!
    (removed the last post to fix spelling... arrggg..)