Friday, 20 February 2009


Oh goshy goshy gosh.

What an eventful last couple of days!

Regretfully, little-to-none of that is going to be blogged. Oh well, eh?

I was at the first meeting for this focused writing event (Get name, dude). We meet Monday and Friday for an hour (or longer) and devote that time to writing. At least, the other people do. When I was there for the first time, I talked and procrastinated. I missed the following meeting, sadly, but I expect I would've talked and procrastinated some more. I wonder if I'll do the same tonight. Perhaps, as I am sitting, a great idea will come to me, and I'll be seized with a fury to write, wearing out my keyboard at a greater speed and ending up with no fingertips.

That would be very nice, but I doubt it'll happen.

In other non-news, I want to build a venue of some sort.


The above was written, lazily, while I was in work. I did intend to go over it and, naturally, it would've been posted in a better shape.

I went to sleep when I got home; Forgot all about, and slept right through, the writing event. I may not have done a whole lot there, but I'll be damned if I don't go. My missing the event has totally made me sad, as I like it, and as I only realised I missed it now ... three and a half hours after waking. It was scheduled to start ... six and a half hours ago, and I can only assume it did. I should have asked someone.

Anyhow, pictures. I also realised today that I'm not a person who tends to blog with pictures. I know I don't blog much (If you'd call this a blog in any but the literal sense, that is.), but pictures don't usually occur to me.

My best build (Okay, don't laugh!) hasn't even been seen by more than a handful of people, and nowhere outside of Second Life. And there's been no pictures of my lovely avatar, either!

So, without ado,
I take the time to present,
A gal called Winni.

She's the piano.
And the dude is Lukos.
And so is the elephant.

Winnifred, with a little elephant on top. Why not?

Arguably a better shot. Whatever the consensus, it shows some of the other details.

Showing you everything and yet nothing. Note the unrezzed scenery*.

Not tired; It's my new AO. It's quirky and slightly comedic. I like it.

Well, those are the pictures for you.
I think I enjoy pictures. I'll have to take more. If the Internet doesn't remove them for the bad quality, that is.


*Currently building a computer with better graphics than my ultra-portable.

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