Thursday, 26 February 2009

Oh My God

I think I'm in control.

I mean, I think I made a mistake in Second Life.
Second Life is very consumerist. Most SLers will know this by now, and if they haven't been taken in by it, then it's a simple matter of them not having been taken in yet.

I was somewhat reluctant to "invest" money into this thing at the beginning, and rightly so; I knew exactly what would happen. So, I found 500 prims for L$500/w, and unlimited sky space in which to use them (as long as you doff your cap to public decency, and move things if asked). I thought it was a good idea to get used to that small, steady amount. The L$2000 per month was ideal. There's a ten buck limit for those who haven't put in any money before, and I thought that was going to stay because I have a basic account. I didn't mind, as it got my land paid, and 531 lindens to play with.

It doesn't stay that way.

I believe I found this out by accident, just trying to top up some money for some clothes I'd seen, probably, wondering if the monthly limit had been reduced to 0, because of the new month. And lo, I could charge, well, a lot.

I've put in like .. 14000 lindens, in the last fortnight. 9000 being one purchase. I know, I know, it's nothing in the Real Life (I figured it was more useful to me in Second Life than two new DVDs and the postage), but it feels like a ridiculous amount to put into a - cough - game.

Everyone knows, and forgets, that Second Life is an amazingly appropriate name. It drags you in like a whirlpool, picking up speed as you go around. Relatively, Charybdis is little more than a plughole in a bathtub.

Don't put your wallet, or your purse, near that swirling mass of water or it'll be sucked in!

I don't regret it, as I now have mucho mula for the clothage, and other niceties, but I'm considering dropping my land. I intended to build and whatnot upon it, but I haven't done anything. It is so nice to have your own Home landing spot, though... Maybe I can set somewhere else to Home. That extra L$2000 a month is a new outfit!

Alt-tabbing back to Second Life now...

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