Sunday, 1 March 2009

The B.I.S.

To whomsoever should read this and remain unconcerned by and/or uncaring of my current circumstance.

I have officially decided to spend a week at the B.I.S.*
Anyone who has any idea of "severe packet loss" will know why I won't be able to stay on Second Life long, or do much whilst on it for those oft brief periods of time.

That means I, probably, won't be able to blog about much, but I'm considering the resources for Second Life on the web at large, which I should be able to talk about (if blogger doesn't fail to publish this).

So, to any friends, and my one follower - Wildstar you rock, who read this, this ought explain any absence you do or do not notice.

Finally with the oppurtunity to read through his "waiting to be read stack",

*Bad Internet Source

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