Monday, 9 March 2009

Writing before work; a wonder.

Busy Lukos plays all day,
and has no time to blog.
Although it's been days since his BIS went away
He was still too busy playing all day to slog out a blog for our nog'.


So, mid-week, I decided to leave the B.I.S. (It was voluntary, after all) and come back to the real internet.  As a consequence, I didn't write any blogs!  I figured that, without the internet, a blog would be the only thing I could do; then I go and don't do it.  I finished the third Dark Tower volume (The Wastelands).  It's amazing how long it took me to read that book.  Don't get me wrong, it's a very good book - I happen to think Steven King is a very good author - and it was kinda big, too, but it took me so long.  I used to be able to read a huge book in an afternoon.
Where did this speed and stamina go to?  Surely, it didn't disappear in half a decade?  I feel old.

However it did get finished, as I said, and it left on a nice little drama-precipice.  Does ###### the #### #### everyone, or do they ### to ###### #### and #####?  I thought it was very dramatic, hee.

So, what do people think of LL taking over XStreet?
Personally, I think I like it.  For now.
LL having such a big hand in it (obviously, considering they own it) might bring about new features that wouldn't be allowed from a third-party.  Not sure what, but I'm sure they can think of something...
However, it is also exploitable.  Taking out the competition.  If they decide to hike the prices / rules in the Marketplace to buy lindens or whatnot, it's an attempt to force you to buy lindens straight from the source!  Or something.  I'm sure they could be very evil if they tried.

In a -4FPS world, is a big help to me, though.  I have to admit, I like being in SL stores.  I think they're usually well-built, and well-arranged, and I just like browsing through them.  However, when faced with something like ... Simone, or Discord, my computer just says "Hahahaha, No." and just can't manage.  The time it'd take for all that stuff to rez?  No.  We're talking up to an hour to find a piece of clothing that I saw on a fashion blog, here.  That's horrible.  I really need to buy / make an object finder; something I can type the name of the article into that will then find it for me, sonar-style.  I was actually very surprised to see there weren't any free ones available (that I could find).  Oh well, potential project.

I think a reason that a lot of designers aren't on XStreet is because it could, possibly, render their expensive store obsolete(Ignoring the fact that the sales on Xstreet may outstrip their in-world efforts, and that such sales would pay for the store and if the store isn't doing anything, then you're throwing away profit by keeping it).  Who would come late to an event because they had to run around a store when they could've got it from Xstreet in two ticks and been there, a-shining and on time.

It just came to me what LL could do!  They could allow you to charge* your XStreet account from within Second Life.  Like, a little button near the charge linden thingermabob.  That'd be kinda cool.  Finding a terminal can be a b####.  And it's a hassle for me too, what, with the lag and all.

One designer I'm liking at the moment is Maruko Sakigake, the creator behind Weird Monkey Design (WMD).  If I were at my laptop, which is in my bag but I'm not getting it out, I'd give you a slurl (say it as a word and my choice of the article 'a' makes sense grammatically**).  But, like I said, it's staying in the bag, so I shall have to add it in at another time!  I like him for his jeans.  He looks so good in them...  I mean, he makes such good ones!  They are probably the most realistic jeans I have, and they're decorated very neatly.  I bought both his Japanese and United-Kingdom (Read: London) themed ones.

And, speaking of buying, I've done so much buying lately.  Unsure whether to replenish my emptying S(L)wallet...  the big spiral of doom and destitution.  Damn those clothes-makers for being so valuable.  I hate seeing the "Credit Crunch" (Or, as I believe it is known across the globe, "Global Financial Crisis") used in marketing and the world at large, but how about some sales?  Handouts?  Spring shopping?  I assume that, like in Real Life, people in SL will be stocking up for Summer items soon.  So, get some sales on.  You know.  Even if it's only a few choice items, that can really endear a person to your clothing range.  The illusion that you'd be so kind as to reduce the price, because you want them to have it, because they'd look so good in it, and you couldn't bear to see them go without because it's so*** expensive.

Well, time to get some work done.  Lukos out.

* A term from my last crack-online-addiction, which I don't plan to name.  But it basically means "the exchanging of hard-earned mulah into worthless online monies for your game habit".
** Bought a great grammar book! 
*** Subjective.

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