Monday, 16 March 2009

Comic Relief

Oh boy. What a weekend for us.
Comic Relief ended up raising £57,000,000 on Friday Night. That's a lot of pound coins.
I hear varying cries of outrage when it comes to this subject. Some people I know think that, with our country in the state that it's in, why is only 40% coming here? Shouldn't Africa, where the other 60% is going, be pretty unaffected by this economic downturn? It's not like it has a government or economy... Does it? Don't we send more, and more, money every two years? And what is there to show for it? Some schools that we haven't seen... etc.
And, the men! They should have their willies chopped off. One baby dies and the woman is already pregnant again, and we're supporting it!

The thoughts you've read above aren't my own thoughts, of course, although some bits I can't deny are true. We waste a third of our food in the UK, or something. Imagine how much the "civilised" world wastes. A New World Order doesn't sound so bad, you know...
Maybe we can share some food with the people who kind of need it.

Do something funny for money.
I did like that. I think it's quite a good cause, and a good theme.

I actually didn't get to see any Comic Relief shows on the tube, except for five minutes of the Kilimanjaro Celebrity climb, but I heard about a lot of it. For example, the Let's Dance thing.

Now, I hope I'm not being ignorant to assume that anyone reading this is not ignorant of the big thing that happened on Friday. If you don't know what happened on Friday, then it was a big charity thing. In fact, I'll show you one of my favourite comedians doing something.

I've liked Jo Brand for years. I used to catch her, late at night, on Hot Potato, and I'm always happy to see her wherever she is. She's just cool.

Here is her Britney Spears impersonation.

I actually (kind of) hate youtube, but that's only a superficial "If you were asked on the street" opinion. I will acknowledge it has its uses, and I use it for some things like finding new artists, and listening to a song I like but don't have at the moment. And, it's nice to be able to "take your music library" with you wherever you go... If it has the internet, and your songs aren't so niche as to be missing from something like youtube.
But, yes. She's a good sport, right?

Here's Robert Webb doing Flashdance, which won, and is funnier, and actually really quite impressive when you consider he's known for being a geeky comedian. It's pretty impressive aside from that fact, lol.

Well, I've already done one post that didn't have SL mentioned (Repo! The Genetic Blogera), and I don't intend to do it again. If this was a real-life commentary, I'm sure that no-one at all would check.

So, I knew it was going on in the real world, but I didn't have any idea that it was coming into Second Life. Salamander Maroon is a pretty funny woman. I mean, pretty damn funny. And she has that crazy woody woodpecker laugh that's just fantastic. I found out on Wednesday, at Predicate, that all her tips would be going to Comic Relief. She also showed us her mini-Comic Relief merchandise range (all proceeds to the charity, of course). She had organised a Comic Relief weekend, with all her performance tips going to the charity, and there was even a special Predicate in the honour. So, that was Comic Relief weekend, thanks to Jo Brand, and Salamander Maroon. Two very funny gals.

And now for some pictures:

(At the Drunken Money, as part of the Comic Relief weekend)

(When I finally got the Vendor to work - Looking Red.
Notice the larger woman in the background - made quite a
(humorous) noise about being too large for the stool.)
(Salamander Maroon - The One and Only)
(Lukos, the next night, at the Blue Angel.
Notice the red nose marilyn monroe pop art shirt.
Selene Freenote, expertly reading us the Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity.
It gets kinda disgusting at times. Those chinese...)
(After the weekend, in a new shirt.
The shopping addict.)

I'd also like to make a final mention regarding the Comic Relief event at the drunken money.
Elron Priestman actually gave up his regular spot so Sal could host her event, and when he came on (saying that his tips should also go to the fund), he was actually quite funny. He did joke a lot about the Queen, but it was funny. Even if you want to get out the club a little and show him some national pride ;) (It's his Queen, too; he's Canadian).

Drunken Monkey Pub, Mieto


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