Monday, 30 March 2009

I'm a wild and (un)tamed thing

I decided to do something a little different for this blog.
I'm told that I usually write too much, so this will be my weekend in pictures.
It's a picture log - A Plog.

Bookstacks Trivia: Sci-Fi Theme, Awen

(Me - Frank - and Kghia who was, hilariously, an 'asian-inspired alien')

(Me, Kghia and Simeon with his Duck outfit (and more importantly, the ray gun!))

(I invited Huck and he put on a Dalek avatar!)

(Okay, guess which colour book is mine - Lol!)
(Everyone left after the quiz, before even the prizes! Me dancing alone...)

(I'm (not) going home ... As I'm already there)

Off The Shelf, Awen

INKsters Beach Party, Cookie

(Stosh Quartz and Sabreman Carter getting it on!)

(Power cone, given to me by the lovable DJ Jennywise)

Bookstacks Sunday Social, Dolphin Island

(It was a quiet one, and I was the only guy, but enjoyable as ever!)

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