Friday, 20 March 2009

Lukos the Labrador

An update for my dear commentors*

I think that I look very Victorian in the above picture.  The avatar looks that snooty without the dinner jacket, too.  Really.

It's just a crying shame that I seem to have a major animation problem (with an old AO still live despite having been deleted) that is unable to be fixed by me.  The options:  Get a Premium account and hope that it can be fixed by LL, or, live with it.

I'm not prepared to live with it, as I can't even be a tiny now, but I don't know about going Premium when that may not even solve anything.  All I know that it's impossible for me to fix.

Pretty sad at the above, and the small blog,

Lukos the Lab.

I realise I may've explained it badly, but it's not the Tiny avatar that is the problem, per se.  It's the fact that, if I turn off my AO, then my avatar doesn't revert to default.  It reverts to an ooold AO that has been deleted for quite some time.  And, the problem seems to be that, occasionally, when sitting or flying, the old AO will break through my current one.

I've found that I can actually operate this tiny without major incident now, so that part of my post is invalid, but it still remains that this rogue scripting AO thing that is happening to me is pretty durned annoying.


  1. I'm not sure being premium would really help. I doubt that LL does that kind of problem-solving. It is a lovely avatar, and well worth saving. Can't the avatar creator help you?

  2. It's my experience that prim avatars like this always have some animation problems. I also doubt that going premium would help you fix this problem.