Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Repo! The Genetic Blogera

Half-way through this advert, it says "An instant cult classic." and that is totally the truth.

Repo! The Genetic Opera is, perhaps, my favourite film at the moment.  I love this the same way I do the Rocky Horror Picture Show; and why not?  They are both rock operas.  The only difference being that Rocky Horror had been released for around 30 years before I got a chance to see it, and I'd been waiting for Repo! since I first heard about it last year.

I can only recommend and recommend it.  It has Anthony Stewart-Head, who was Giles in Buffy (as if you didn't know that), Alexa Vega (The girl from Spy Kids - I didn't realise this until I googled her, although I knew she seemed familiar), Sarah Brightman (My google for this one actually failed miserably.  I read, somehow, 'Sarah Silverman' so I spent the hour remaining of the film thinking Damn, that's some amazing make-up work, there.  I can't believe that's her.  And I didn't know she could sing so well!!  If you click on their respective names and compare them each to the character 'Blind Mag', you'll see why it's so funny!) and some other cool people.  Oh, it has Paris Hilton, too, but don't worry!  She's actually really awesome in it.  I read that the director (Who brought us several of the  SAW films, so expect gore) absolutely refused to screen her for the part, but she had the script smuggled in to her during her prison break, and ended up being perfect for the role he'd made.  I think she fits very well.

Joan Jett even has a cameo (and one of the greatest, most catchiest guitar ditties ever)!

I'm not going to spoil / tell the story, because that'd be unkind and because I want you to see it yourself.  And, I want you to want to see it yourself.  

Small plug post for today, but you really should see it.  I don't think you can regret it.  Unless some gore / rock opera isn't your thing.  But I like it, so you should.


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