Wednesday, 25 March 2009

That was th-tweeeeet

So, I got Twitter.  I'd been avoiding it for quite some time.  One of my friends reminded me that months ago - when it was still freshly popular - we had both held our noses aloft and mocked the fawning pigeons that had flocked to it.  Now, he begs me not to show him how funny @cwalken is, or to tell him about one of his favourite authors, @neilhimself.  He does not want to be tempted with something that we both know is very addictive.

I signed it up under my Second Life name, @lukostairov, but it's a hybrid Quasimodo, sharing the tweets between Lukos of SL and Lukos of FL.  I had, of course, intended it to be singularly for my SL 'persona'*, but there's only so many tweets one avatar can do ... And it's way too addictive to skimp.

I also follow Terry Pratchett(@terryandrob).  Added to the two above, those are the three famous people I follow.  Christopher Walken is really witty and humorous.  From his tweets, I have built a mental image that he is exactly like his character in Pulp Fiction (When he tells the son of his friend and comrade about the joys (and woes) of wearing a watch up your ass for 5 years) .  I actually feel really dirty for following Neil Gaiman, but he's such a twitter-addict, so it's all cool.
Oh, I also have Jacquelyn Mitchard(@broadway007) .  She was the first author on Oprah's book club.  She just started following me from nowhere.  I have no freaking idea why, because I don't recognise a single person from her follow list (If you don't count the famous people)...  I read her son is programming for Second Life, though.  And while I don't know how true that is, maybe it offers an answer.  Perhaps she (somehow) found me and considers me a representative of Second Life.  If so, I fear I could be giving us all a bad name!  But, at any rate, it's kinda cool that I'm the first human a bestselling author has followed on Twitter!  (I still wonder if she might've 'follow'ed me by accident...)

Some cool ones that I don't follow (I'm not sure why) but check are @nasakepler (Starts working in just over a month!) and @amandapalmer (One of my favourite musicians).

The other 13 are people I know, people I like, and people I find interesting.  These can be broken down into the people I find interesting; the people I like and find interesting; and the people I know, like, and find interesting.  Most are in the second category, but all that means is that they're too cool to be friends with lil' ol' me.

Here is a picture of the Fail Whale, a graphic that appears whenever the site is overloaded with tweets.
In the American evening, it happens quite a lot:

So, I cordially invite you to pick it up if you haven't already, but warn that it's possible you will 'get into' it.  You have a history of addiction, after all.

Lukos over and out, just as soon as he tweets about this.

*I say 'persona' because Lukos is pretty much me, but they have to be differentiated somehow.

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