Friday, 10 April 2009

RAWWRRR! and rabbits

Well, it's Easter week.  And I'm bored.

I can't beat about that bush any, and I don't plan to.  I'm wondering just what the hell I'm doing in SL (Not a lot) and why I'm (not) bothering.  I feel sick already from eating white chocolate buttons, and I should just like to go to sleep for a week.

My tea mug is empty, I have a DVD on my TV that is stuck on the menu because I can't be bothered to play it or turn it off.  I'm listening to Anastacia, whose music I happen to find very inspiring at the same time as sad.  It makes you feel better, but only at the same time as reminding you that you're feeling sad for some reason.

She's a very powerful singer, and it's a pity that her music just isn't that "popular" anymore.  It's too nice in our world of death, doom and gloom.  Although, she has become more of an R'n'B songstress with her latest album, after a few songs with famous artists in that genre.  I think I'm unhappy that she has had to go in this direction really, but if that gets her money, I think she deserves it :)

I built a scale model of the Taepo-Dong.  That's the nuke cum satellite rocket that N. Korea epically failed launching the other day.  It went in the ocean.  Hawaii is safe for the moment.  Sure, mine doesn't go "PBBBFFFF FIRE RADIATION" but, it does launch, and go faster, and go faster, thanks to someone whose name I will have to look in my logs for.  They just gave me the script that did it, so I'm very grateful.  I think I might try to texture it and all, so it actually looks GOOD.  We'll see.  I think I'll probably build a different ICBM - Bigger, most likely.  The Taepo-Dong is actually quite small by comparisons at only 30 metres.  Some of the other ones are scary in size (I always get dizzy when looking up at tall, large structures).  Scary purpose, too.

I kind of resolved, again, to start building, again.  I used to be much better than I am now (More patient, probably), and it's a pity to lose skillz like that.  Maybe I can coax people into giving me mucho mulah for stuff!

In matters unrelated to Second Life, I have a mind to make some sort of application.  I know C well enough to read through most Open-Source applications that I use, but (like a language) being able to read is different to the ability to write it.  You really need to know it to form your own stuff.

I'll happily take any suggestions on what to make, if anyone who reads this would care to suggest any.  Winning suggestion gets a free copy on the system of their choice, lol.  Except Mac.  I just don't have a clue, there.  You have boot camp, anyway.  I know you do.


Attended Selene's Story Hour tonight, and I was the officially unofficial mascot.  I sat on Persephone's tip-box at the front of the stage (because she wasn't here today).  There was really a massive dent in attendance because no notices were sent out, and no-one was reminded of the reading.  Either that, or there's been some kind of nuclear attack on America ...


Nothing on bbc news, so I'll assume it's not true.  Unless it was us who launched them or something, and we're covering it up.  Who knows.

Yeah, really sad that there weren't many people, although it was still lovely.

RAWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRR.  Kay, gonna go sleep now.  It's 4:53am.  You should, too.

Nini, Lukos x

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